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Handpiece UAW 97 102 with Double Ball Tip

For chronic and acute wounds: effective removal of biofilms and non-viable tissue.

UAW is a modern procedure for wound debridement and the cleansing of wounds. The targeted use of physical effects enables debridement that, while convincingly effective, does not damage healthy tissue. This makes its use particularly attractive, for instance, for wound areas that are difficult to reach. If fibrin tissue or biofilms form anew in chronic wounds, these can be regularly and completely removed with UAW during the course of periodic wound cleansing. Thorough biofilm detachment makes the procedure highly attractive for use in septic surgery in such areas as the treatment of infected wounds or the preparation of split-skin grafts.

UAW convinces through:

• Quick and safe handling
• Effective removal of biofilms and devitalised tissue1
• Preservation of healthy tissue
• Can be used by doctors and nurses
• Cost-effective thanks to completely reprocessable handpieces

Indicated for a large number of wounds, such as:

Chronic wounds
• Leg ulcers
• Diabetic foot
• Pressure ulcers
Acute wounds
• Infected wounds
• Accident wounds
• Burns
• Post-OP wounds


  • Working length [mm]: 62
  • External tip diameter [mm]: 5
  • Tip: Double ball
  • Irrigation: Internal
  • Weight [g]: 155
  • Frequency [kHz]: 25


  • Wound debridement
  • Wound cleansing

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