ATMOS Variotherm plus


The Variotherm plus is a water caloric irrigator for use with ENG/VNG testing


> Integrated Thermal process for reducing bacterial count

> High Temperature Accuracy

> Automatical standby function

The ATMOS Variotherm plus is used for caloric examination of the vestibular organ by means of water. The generation of biofilms and, accordingly, the spread of germs inside the unit is diminished by a thermal process for reducing bacterial count. Stimulation period can be preset and the water flow is restricted to 150 ml/min. during stimulation. With the time control off, the Variotherm plus can be used for all types of irrigations in the ENT field; the full flow quantity of up to 430 ml/min is then available. An energy saving mode prevents unnecessary water or power consumption. Several inbuilt safety features guarantee a maximum in safety for the patient. As accessories ATMOS offers exchangable jet connections of various lengths, a splash protector and hose tips.

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