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What is important in a natural vaginal childbirth?

In the last 35 years the number of Caesarean sections has increased while the vaginal childbirth method is steadily decreasing. However, there are still situations where a forceps or extraction cup delivery is necessary! With the reduction of the frequency of this procedure the medical staffs’ experience also declines. That is why an easy to use system becomes more and more important! ATMOS meets the needs of the gynaecologist and obstetrician with greater process safety with an almost fully automatic vacuum extraction device. Different from the forceps delivery, where many steps and a lot of feeling and experience are required in order to avoid any trauma of mother and baby, the application of vacuum extraction is simple and quick.

Advantages of the vacuum extraction

Delivery with an extraction cup takes approx. 6 minutes; a forceps delivery takes approx. 15 to 20 minutes! The reason for the faster delivery is so the extraction cup can be applied when the baby is still deep inside the birth canal. Compared with a caesarean section the extraction cup birth is more time- and cost-saving – less time in the OT, less time in clinic, less wound treatment. In conclusion the act of birth is more natural and the attachment between mother and child is much deeper than with a caesarean.

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