ATMOS S 201 Thorax


Digital thoracic drainage systems made by ATMOS

The ATMOS digital thoracic drainage systems guarantee a controlled vacuum at the patient so that the physiological negative pressure is restored in the pleural cavity. It is used to drain air, blood and secretion from the pleural cavity. Thus an early mobilization of the patient after surgery is guaranteed. The digital real-time flow and vacuum measurement, in combination with the intelligent alarm system, provide safety which benefit patients, doctors and nursing staff.

Objective patient values at a glance

  • Up-to-date Fistular Results
  • Individually Regulated Vacuum
  • Real-Time Vacuum Measurement of the Patient

Transparent secretion canister system

  • 4-chamber system with a large capacity of 2 litres
  • Clear view of the secretion consistency and -colour
  • Easy balancing
  • Optional water lock
  • Hygienic disposal

Standardized hose system

  • No milking thanks to the integrated hose rinsing
  • Possibility to take a sample of the secretion at the connector

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