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The cabinet system for your examination room

ATMOS Interieur is ready to launch an even more efficient and ergonomic ENT standard cabinets, the nonporous surface with its positive hygienic features. Medical facilities nowadays even more have to protect themselves against contamination as much as possible. Our surface fulfils the standard antibacterial activity on laminated surfaces. It is easy to clean, easy to handle and available in many different finishes and all cabinets work well beside a S61 and a C21/ 31 workstation.

  • More efficient – Reduce your expenditure by reviewing our full range and selecting only the modules and devices you need for your work.
  • Better ambience – Make sure your patients feel comfortable during their visit with the right design for your treatment units.
  • More individual – Make the most of the space in your practice by configuring the treatment units to suit your space and needs.
  • Less strain – The positions of the individual control elements and the automatic device start-up and switch-over make using our equipment fast and easy.
  • Better hygiene – Sophisticated hygiene and secretion management system when storing, disposing of, disinfecting, and picking out instruments.

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Request more information »