ATMOS Cam 21/31


Perfect image quality

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – this also applies to the ATMOS® Cam 21 / 31 in particular to the perfect single components, expediently assembled. The working conditions are ever-changing. In the past it was still most important to medicate the patient as good as ever possible, now the documentation of your work becomes more and more important. At the same time the documentation protects you against recourse claims. Unfortunately, the actual solutions of video documentation are not optimized for the needs in the ENT field. Often the adjustment of the camera wastes a lot of time during the treatment. And when changing the optic, the same procedure starts again. The ATMOS® Cam 21 / 31 supplies you with a perfect image with two keypresses. Now you are able to concentrate again on the treatment of the patient.

  • Perfect image quality in any work area.
  • A very quick adaptation of the camera parameters to optics and light sources.
  • Integrated image memory for comparison of records (only ATMOS Cam 31).
  • You no longer need any light conducting cables due to the optional LED light source.

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