The cost-effective solution

For suction procedures with less power requirements the ATMOS® C 361 is most suitable:

  • Suction pump with at least 36 l/min, max.-91 kPa
  • Operation without foot switch
  • With trolley

Apart from that you can benefit from the same advantage as the ATMOS® C 451.

ATMOS® DDS – Direct-Docking-System

The ATMOS® Direct-DockingSystem enables a direct adaption of the secretion canisters to the suction unit. Therefore, all hose connections between suction unit, filter and secretion canister are no longer required.

ATMOS® ball-shaped vacuum controller

At common suction systems the vacuum is regulated with an air bypass valve. This amplifies the effect of a delayed availability of vacuum. During the vacuum build-up to the adjusted value the air bypass valve loses suction power!

The ATMOS® C 451 and ATMOS® C 361have an innovative ball-shaped vacuum controller where the secondary air opening is closed until the required vacuum is reached. Therefore, the vacuum build-up is significantly faster.

ATMOS® DDS–bacterial filter

In comparison to common membrane filters the ATMOS® DDS bacterial filter impresses with its bigger surface, which guarantees a free air flow and simultaneously holds back 100% bacteria. But that is not all – with the new „Silent“ generation of surgical suction devices ATMOS succeeded in implementing another product improvement.

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